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For Sale 2001 Yamaha R1 Landspeed Race Bike Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 Vehicle For Sale

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2001 Yamaha R1 Landspeed Race Bike
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $22995 USD 

Mileage: NA U.S. miles
VIN#: JYARN05EX1A006635

The first thing that crossed my mind when offered the chance to sell this 2001 Yamaha R1 Landspeed Race Bike was Automania and myself entering it in the 2018 Bonneville Landspeed Trails. Here is a designed, developed, built and tested platform that has already passed the Southern California Timing Association’s rigorous technical inspection. It was built with the intent of breaking and setting a land speed record. There is more work to be done, mostly tuning, but the heavy lifting is done, it is capable of the task. It is possible with the right pilot. Looking in the mirror the next morning I saw what was not ready, me. It is too late in the day for me. Someone else is going to take a chance to swing for the fences.

The motorcycle was originally being built for drag racing by Jim Conachen of Oregon. Along the way, a friend mentioned that while drag racing is great fun, running at Bonneville with the bike would be huge. Jim saw the logic and the direction was changed from that moment. It was decided to build a turbocharged Yamaha R1 (projected 600 hp) to race on the Salt to break the class record in APS-BF 1000cc of 259mph. Under the guidance of the CP Carillo company, Jim recruited the help of Dave Marshall of Hurricane Performance in Prescott, Ontario. Dave is an expert at building high performance turbocharged R1 engines.

Jim has deep and well rooted experience in prototyping which served the Landspeed motorcycle well. He has designed, built, refined and tested unmanned aircraft for the United States Air Force and Navy for 20 years, He also taught advances aerospace composites manufacturing at Peninsula College in Washington State. While speaking with Jim, he made reference to owning more than one-hundred motorcycles over the past 40 years and building countless race bikes. His past experience in development and completion of specific motorcycle racing platforms is extensive. What is most amazing is that the complete bodywork was designed, mocked up and fabricated by Jim and then tested in a wind tunnel before it was a final finished product. The fit and finish is top shelf with the appearance being purposeful and specific for the success of becoming a record breaking design. It is a testament to the skill and execution of design that Jim brought to the table. How many of us could even imagine the concept, much less bring it fruition? It is motorcycle art form in its most pure state of function.

The Racebike started out as a used 2001 Yamaha R1 Jim purchased after running an ad on Craigslist. As mentioned before, the intent was to build a Drag Bike, but that changed. The Engine is the meat of the motorcycle and Jim had a lot of support here. The majority of parts from Hurricane Performance. The turbocharger is made by Garret with a TiAL stainless case, TiAL BOV and wastegate. The pistons and h-beam conrods were made by CP Carillo. The projected horsepower is 400 on C12 and 608 on VP Import. The cam timing (114 degrees), pistons, head bolts, conrods and valves are setup for 35 lbs of boost.

The engine can be seen running at

Some of what went into this project follows:
2001 R1 (20 valve)
Garrett 2971R .86 turbo
Sprockets Sets
C12 Fuel
Q16 Fuel
TiAL wastegate
TiAL BOV/extra spring
Modified Frozen Boost Icebox
Frozen Boost Intercooler (rated to 600hp)
Lowering link
UPGR8 Intercooler Tubing
MSD Fuel pump
MagnaFuel fuel regulator with fittings
Hurricane Performance custom valve springs (35 lbs of boost)
Headwork (porting, valve grinding, valve clearance)
CP Carillo turbo piston w/rings
CP Carillo H-beam Conrods
Cometic Gaskets (head, case, covers)
Manual timing chain tensioner
Timing/oil chains
Barnett clutch kit with extra springs (rated to 700 hp)
Hurricane Performance custom head stubs (longer/stronger)
Installation of head studs
Swingarm extension
Swingarm and steering head bearings/spacer
Oil cooler and extension plate
Custom plenum
RK 530 racing chain
Turbo Smart boost controller
AN6 water/oil lines and flanges for turbo
Header welding
Harley battery

At Bonneville, the Bike easily passed tech inspection and Jim started going through his rookie qualifying routine. The bike was geared for 249 mph but because the rear tire installed was a DOT Bridgestone, the top speed was limited to less than 200 mph. Jim was required to make his qualifying runs in 25 mph increasing increments. His best speed was 159.933 before the event was closed and he had to return home due to deteriorating track conditions.

The bike runs well but needs to spend time on a dyno for a complete tuning of the air fuel ratios (jetting). It is really close but more work is ahead. There is about $40,000 invested. Jim told me, “My wife hates this bike and told me to build something slower, so I would like to sell it”. Jim has set his sights working with an Air-Cooled BMW 1000cc twin that he intends to beat the 159mph record. His expectations? In excess of 189mph, a bit below the limit his wife set of nothing over 200mph! We should all be so lucky to have such an understanding significant other at home.

The Race Bike will need final fettling before being run. This is not a bike that will roll off the showroom floor, have the mirrors and lights removed and go racing. It is intended for one purpose only, an attempt at breaking a world’s Landspeed record. It is a prototype, a one of a kind build. This is not for the faint of heart and holds severe consequences in the event of a failure or dysfunction. It’s design brief was only to exceed a given speed without compromise. In any speed event, there are no guarantees of outcome or of being compromised. We are sure that Jim would be available to assist the next owner in setting the motorcycle up or running it. This will have to be arranged with Jim directly after the sale and at his discretion.

The VIN# is JYARN05EX1A006635. The selling price is $22,995. For other interesting bikes and collectable vehicles, visit our web site 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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2001 Yamaha R1 Landspeed Race Bike

SCTA Bonneville Inspection Report

SCTA Bonnville Safety Inspection Report


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