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1954 BMW R51/3 Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 For Sale

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1954 BMW R51/3 for sale

1954 BMW R51/3
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $19,995 USD 

Mileage: 00001 U.S. miles
VIN#: 539354

It is part of the commonly known post WW11 BMW history that found BMW prevented from building large capacity motorcycles or cars immediately after the war by the Allies. In fact, many models of both cars and bikes were patriated by the victorious Allies after the war to be produced under numerous brand names unrelated to BMW with only minor or cosmetic changes. Most know that they could not find anyone interested in taking Volkswagen and so it was left for the Germans and the rest is history.

The ban on the production of larger bikes was lifted and BMW’s second post-war twin was the R51/3, produced from 1951 through 1954. It shared many of the designs of the R51/2, a design based mostly on pre-war specifications. The R51/3 engine was a 494cc OHV twin putting out about 24hp coupled to a 4 speed transmission, with the solo bike weighing just under 420 lbs. 1954 models were further developed with full width front and rear brakes and 19” wheels before being superseded by the new /2 range.

The motorcycle we are selling is a 1954 R51/3 that was found in Ashland, Oregon decades ago. At the time, it was running and still being used regularly, but suffered a lot of blow by from the crankcase. A local collector bought the bike still running and started the restoration process by disassembling it. And that is as far as it got. It waited disassembled for many years until it’s current owner purchased it just seven years ago. The idea for him, from the beginning, was to end up with restored driver, a bike that could be ridden and enjoyed. All of the disassembled parts were included, but many were worn beyond service and needed replacement. A decision was made to keep any parts or units that were replaced safely and they will be included with the motorcycle.

The process included refurbishing all of the mechanical components as necessary with the assistance of a local BMW technician here in the valley. The Engine was rebuilt starting with replacing the Crankshaft with a unit rebuilt in Germany. All of the seals and bearings were replaced on the Lower End. The Cylinders were in good order and only required being machine honed before being fitted with new Pistons and Rings. The Oil Pump was disassembled, checked and measured to meet factory tolerances before being reassembled. New Valves and Springs were installed and the Cam inspected to verify it met factory specifications. It was converted to a 12 volt system using a Power Dynamo Kit. The Transmission was disassembled, inspected, found to be in good order and but all of the seals were replaced. The Final Drive was disassembled, inspected and found to be in need of all the bearings and seals which were than replaced. The front Forks were disassembled and rebuilt as well as the rear Shock Absorbers receiving the same treatment. New wheel bearings were installed in both front and rear Wheels along with new Brake Shoes which were rebonded locally. A new Speedometer was found and installed as well as the new Driver’s Saddle. All new Cables were installed along with new Levers. Other parts that were replaced with NOS or Aftermarket Parts were the Carburetors, Air Intake Tubes and Push Rod Tubes. The Ignition Switch and the exposed Driveshaft are the original units. The frame was powder coated and the black paint and pin stripping done locally. Tires, front and rear, are a year old.

After all of this time, the bike was finally completed fall of 2017. Fuel was added, the engine started and the bike ridden down the street. And that is all the use it has had, enough to check for issues and warmed up enough to adjust and synchronize the carburetors. The owner was not sure what direction he was going to go with the bike, if he was selling it and so a choice was made not to run it any more at the time. If the bike sells and the new owner wants it broken in or additional miles added it can be done by either done by the owner or a local BMW technician.

There was never the intention to create a trailer queen or factory fresh restoration. Recent sales of this model BMW in that condition have exceeded $40,000. The bikes will never again be ridden for enjoyment, it would change their condition and therefore value. This bike can be brought to that state without too much effort or expense, the heavy lifting has been done so to speak. The selling price reflects the rarity of the motorcycle and what has gone into bringing it to a usable, collectable condition.

The selling price is $19,995. The VIN# on the frame and engine case is the same, 539354. The mileage is less than 1 mile since the project was completed but more miles can be added after the sale is completed. For other interesting bikes and collectable vehicles, visit our web site 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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1954 BMW R51/3


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