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1931 Ford A 5 Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 For Sale

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1931 Ford A 5
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $44,995 USD 

Mileage: 1236 U.S. miles

Normally we do not get too excited about custom Hot Rods, but we recently visited an owner who had built this 1931 Ford Model 5 Window Coupe and now have a change of opinion about the beauty that can be created in a car. The original steel body’s roof has been chopped 5” and the body channeled 5”, leaving it with an incredible look. Being in the automotive collision repair industry, the owner wisely spent a year sourcing parts before ever lifting a wrench. The following year was spent fabricating the build, having most of the chassis parts powder coated and everything painstakingly assembled while bringing his vision of a 50’s-60’s Street Rod to life.

The work and parts that went into the car are overwhelming and the best I can do is list them as they appear on the work up and parts receipts which we have. The engine is a rebuilt 1955 Chrysler 331 cu. in. Hemi sporting three Rochester Carburetors on top of an aluminum intake manifold surrounded by aluminum valve covers. It has an aluminum alternator and water pump along with aluminum brackets and hardware for the drive accessories. The radiator is custom made by Walker and sits behind a 1932 Radiator shell that has been shortened 4”. You may notice the custom front spreader bar ahead of the shell, a camshaft, also powder coated. It is fired by electronic ignition and emptied by Lake Ceramic Coated Headers with a full exhaust system under the car. Behind the engine is a Custom adapted Muncie 4 Speed Transmission connected to the engine through a Center Force Clutch assembly. In case you wondered at the sound of this Hemi coming out of the baffled headers, you are right, it will having small children running and the gentler gender fainting. It sounds right!

The Chassis is custom boxed frame rails with Vega steering into a Chassis Engineering Front Axle with 4” Drop. The 1936 Ford Wishbones are drilled and sleeved (over 40 hours were spent completing these). The frame was Z’d 4” front and 8” in the back. A custom Pete and Jakes ladder bar rear suspension supports a Ford 9” rear end with 3:70 gears on 1940 Ford Rear reversed springs. Front brakes drums are 1953 Ford F100 and the rear are 1966 Ford which are carried by 16” wheels running Firestones. All of the chassis and body mounting hardware is by stainless bolts and fasteners.

The body work is faultless. Not only was the body was chopped and channeled, but the firewall was also custom made. The steel body was smooth and filled and the finish of the paint is show quality. The rear trunk lid was Louvered along with the 1950 Pontiac rear lights being Frenched in below it. A custom aluminum gas tank is mounted in the trunk as are the two Optima Batteries in a separate compartment. There is a Moulder Windshield Visor and all of the glass is tempered and tinted. The headlights are 620 Guide original headlights, pinstriped.

The interior carries on the theme. It has a custom 1932 Dash grafted in, complete with a full range of S&W Gauges. The shifting is done with a Hurst Shifter, the steering done through a Lime Works Steering Column topped with a 1940 Ford Steering Wheel. The cab is supported by a custom roll bar that is tied into the chassis next to the front seat which is from a Dodge Dakota. The upholstery is custom tuck and rolled along with the door and kick panels.


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