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1939 Ford Mercury Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 For Sale

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1939 Ford Mercury
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $54,995 USD 

The favorite line I hear from customers who first walk into the shop is “what sort of business plan did you write before you opened”? The answer is always “Good planning is way over rated”. Having this 1938 Mercury Convertible Coupe, the first year of Mercury production, here in our shop is a reminder of how no truer words were ever said. I could never have imagined having a car of this scarcity and quality entrusted to us for sale a few years back. In a word, the car is breathtaking the first time you lay eyes on it.

The car had been in dry storage since 1965 but when purchased several years ago for over $20,000, it was in a dilapidated condition. The build theme behind the car before a bolt was turned was to be “An Elitist Car”, one that a pre war 1930’s movie star such as Clark Gable would have ordered, had modified and then driven. It was meant to be a statement car, one that said “This started out as a rare car and now has been customized to improve a great design”. The Fender Skirts were designed to be reminiscent of the Gee Bee Airplanes, the fastest airplanes flown during the 30’s. This was to be a rendering of what a car could have been in the hands of a premier shop undertaking the task of designing a knockout vision of an ultimately rare model of car during this time period. This was a no expense exercise in creating a build statement of unqualified period excellence. This is an artist’s pursuit into creating something unique and beautiful from another, long gone era.

The body and frame were separated and both media blasted to expose any issues from the ravages of time. The frame was slightly modified at the rear above the axle to allow the car to be lowered slightly and allow full suspension travel by allowing the bump stop to be moved slightly higher. The front spring pack was flipped to create the same effect in front. The frame was then powder coated before further assembly was begun. The 276 cubic inch Ford Flathead engine was rebuilt with period hot rod pieces including the Mercury Crank, Performance Camshaft, Offenhauser Heads and topped with a set of Progressive 3 Duece Carbs. New bearings and pistons were part of the program and the motor runs tight with no leaks. A Lincoln Zephyr 3 Speed Manual Transmission was rebuilt and resides behind the engine. The whole assembly runs out very well and to have a “cam” in the Flathead makes listening to the idle a pleasure.

The body, after being media blasted and then ironed out with all corroded metal replaced was blocked to perfection. A gas door from a 1941 Ford was added and the rear trunk corners rounded for a beautiful look. The license plate was Frenched and the trunk latch “hidden” allowing the handle to be smoothed. Once all of the modifications were made, the inside and outside of the body were powder coated prior to paint. The Top Bows of the convertible top were altered to allow a better line to the Ford folding roof. German Convertible Canvas material was used to create a smooth, tight fit. Fender Skirts with ’41 Buick Fender Skirt Tags were added to enhance the Pre-War Custom look along with Bumpers from a 1940 Oldsmobile. The problem with the car is that you cannot look at it without finding another subtle change or period enhancement no matter how many times you come back to it. The problem with taking images and posting them is that they cannot convey the presence of the car, you have to be standing next to it.


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