Introducing Automania's Ted Holman

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For those of you who have yet to meet me on a road or at the track, let me give you a quick introduction. From the day my Dad introduced me to motorcycling at age 15, there has been a set of handlebars in my hands. On several occasions, the only address was the license plate on the bikes I rode through many misadventures across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and North Africa. Having kids, things settled down a bit - with one exception - my association with Reg Pridmore and his CLASS Motorcycle Schools.

While attending school in Portland, I worked for Esquire Motors, a large Volkswagen Repair shop and ZAP Motors, an Independent BMW motorcycle repair facility. After moving to Southern Oregon in 1978, I operated an Import Auto Part Store for eight years, providing repair and service to imported vehicles from 1982-1988, becoming a Oregon Licensed Auto Dealer in 1984. I operated an independent Dealership from 1984-2001, was part of the World’s Largest Suzuki Dismantler from 1999-2001 and have been operating Automania LLC from 2006 until present.

I have been in the business of qualifying and valuing vehicles in Southern Oregon since 1980 and have been a Licensed Oregon Vehicle Appraiser (#V17-25) for over 20 years. As a member of Automania LLC, I have conducted thousands of sales that have included too many different models and types of vehicles to list. I have the ability to research most vehicles and establish their individual cosmetic and mechanical conditions affecting their individual market value.

I am a 33 year instructor for the premier street motorcycle safety school in this country, CLASS Motorcycle Safety Schools (, allowing me to keep current on most Race, Sport, Adventure, Standard, Touring and Collectible motorcycles values. In the past, because of my advanced instructing experience, I have given expert testimony for the Federal Government when the skill level of a motorcyclist was at issue in determining the cause and responsibility of an accident.