Online Vehicle Scams

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Whether it be in the paper, the news or someone coming by our shop, we constantly hear stories about someone loosing money to another individual on the internet. There are false promises, lies or misleading statements about money, condition, sometimes followed by intimidation and threats. There are dreams created, a sense of immediate urgency and a sense of security promised by these seductive individuals, sometimes as it turns out, from overseas and out of the reach of our own authorities. Local Banks spend at least 30% of their time interacting with customers who have been hoodwinked and who are desperately looking for that magic bullet to retrieve their funds. They have been robbed, there has to be a solution, someone has to be able to help, the bank, the police, the government, someone. The sad truth is that this is "Closing the barn door after the cow has bolted", the money is long gone.

We all know someone who has lost a substantial amount of money to one of these unscrupulous individuals who prey on our good nature and sometimes desperation to achieve a financial target that sellers in their hearts knew was unreasonable. Ninety percent of these people are what we would recognize as savvy, intelligent individuals. The loss is part of the calamity but a great deal of the upset is the embarrassment of being hoodwinked just like everyone else. It would never happen to them. They are smarter then this.

So what does Automania LLC do? We stop that cycle of heartache by being the buffer between our sellers, buyers and the wide world of on line buying and selling. It would be arrogant to say we are smarter and better prepared then all of the bad guys out there, but we move slowly, cautiously and methodically, using over 50 years of automotive experience to protect our clients and ourselves, relying on decades of experience to spot and prevent abusers. We give it our all to keep sellers safe and buyers satisfied. Automania LLC operates as a business, but our first priority, before financial gain is to always protect and satisfy our consignors and to deliver exactly what we describe. As I remind customers, new and old, we have been doing this too long to allow aggravation to run the program. Our goal quite simply is that we achieve market results for our sellers and deliver what we represent to our buyers.