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How boring. Well, not when it comes to motorcycle riding. It gives new meaning and a level of excitement when done successfully that puts it right behind smoothness on my chart.

From watching the front tires of cars while in traffic and plotting my escape path in the event someone comes into my lane, to looking ahead for erratic movements on the freeway, to plotting a pass on three motorcycles entering a turn on a racetrack, I am always planning.

Good planning never stops, from the moment you hit the starter button, to riding down the driveway into that first set of corners, it is constant and your brain should always remain alert - always absorbing new information. It is the mental part of riding that some of us have forgotten to see the joy of.

Planning ahead gives us more control over our universe by taking all the variables we are observing and making use of them to our advantage - whether it be surviving on the street, blasting through a series of corners or making a pass on the competition during a race.

No matter how talented you are as a rider, if you cannot make good plans while riding you will end up with uncontrolled results - which may become catastrophic!