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I first attended CLASS as a student - back in 1989 - and soon became a challenge for Reg! Over time I absorbed enough of his training to be asked - probably with some trepidation on his part - to join his team of instructors. I have been proud to call him a good friend for over 31 years. Even as an instructor I make a point of sitting in on Reg’s classroom sessions at each school I attend. Years of listening to Reg, of watching him in action - in the classroom and on the track - has led me to form some pretty clear thoughts about riding.

Feel free to read my other pages with thoughts and instruction on motorcycle riding.

This experience has been invaluable in helping me explain to others what I see in their riding and has worked pretty well for a lot of advanced street riders - including folks who have gone on to club racing. After more than thirty years of being involved with CLASS Motorcycle Schools, these techniques have seen trial by fire and have shown their immense value by making street motorcyclists safer and better riders.