Take a CLASS - You Meet the Nicest People!

photos, videos and discussion for this faq

I have met thousands of motorcycle students, many who have completed thirty or more schools over the years - who would agree with me wholeheartedly. Reg Pridmore is the best, a credit to the motorcycle industry and it is an honor to be his close friend.

Keep an eye on the CLASS web site and if you really want a chance to enjoy and learn about you and your bike, take a school as soon as you can.

Open track days are scary to me, so for the first time or so, take an organized event where there are qualified instructors, different riding groups divided by experience and speed.

This was intended to be my one-way discussion of riding skills which I wanted to share with riders, young, old, new and experienced. It is very generalized and I am sure there are many who will see things from a different point of view.

If you are looking for more specifics or a much better and articulate description of proficient riding, you should contact Reg Pridmore at CLASS 805-933-9936 or go to their web site http://classrides.com/ to order his great book, “Smooth Riding, the Pridmore Way”. I owe almost everything I have learned about riding to Reg and there is no finer instructor of riding anywhere.

If the event does not have strict rules of conduct concerning passing and methods for recognizing out-of-control riding behavior, find another venue until you feel comfortable being in the mix.

You are the one that is going to do the suffering if someone causes you harm. Minimize the chance of that happening. It is always about having a great time riding. Riding well is icing on the cake.

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