Laguna Seca, November 2018....and my rant on Electronic Motorcycles

photos, videos and discussion for this faq

Take this one to the bank AARP! 2005 Suzuki non-electronic, throttle by Hand Control, brakes by no ABS, no Nannies, just holding on for dear life and entering the gray area between Traction and Sliding with nothing but life in the Throttle. Nannies only make mediocre riders appear to be good riders.

The end is near to great riders and great riding when machines do the thinking and behaving for us. To hell with Nanny Technology! Full speed ahead, a Blaze of Glory to man made Control and Death to the nannies!

Anyone with a check book can collect lap times, there is no skill there. Rather than collecting lap times, they should learn to love riding for it's physical meaning, not what some electronic sensor decides what is best and prudent! They are giving credibility and motive to developing Autonomous Cars, brainless, lifeless experiences.