1961 Volvo 210 Duett For Sale

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1961 Volvo 210 Duett for sale

1961 Volvo 210 Duett
Price: $23,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

Mileage: 104,625 U.S. miles
VIN #: 42388
Stock #: 1511
In 2022 a retired CHP officer brought by this 1961 Volvo 210 Duett for us to sell. The car had been kept in his hanger for many years after being given to him as part of the estate of the original owner. The car was incredible for its original paint, interior and drivetrain but was, the best way to describe it as, in a state of storage neglect.

The fan belt had cracks the depth of the Grand Canyon, the tires splitting with chunks missing from the threads, the fuel foul and a layer of dirt that hid the color. The interior was untouched, but the seats had long ago lost their padding and were all spring. What was amazing was the stack of service receipts starting back in 1965 from Bellevue Washington to Napa California and finally Eureka California. Almost all service work done was at Volvo Dealers and all documented by invoices that come with the car.

To be honest, the car was too rough to consign. It was not in driving condition but I could see the bones were really strong and good. There was no rust and when the engine started, it purred. The car needed cubic hours of attention and my thoughts were that winters can be cold and gloomy in Southern Oregon without a worth while project. Finding a great company VP Autoparts to supply exact replacement parts as needed, including all sorts of rubber and hard parts, allowed the car to be kept original almost to a fault. It allowed the 210 to be made drivable in the manner it was intended when built. The car has aged, the paint faded, the interior shows wear, but it stepping into the driver’s seat and taking it for a drive takes you back to what it was like over 60 years ago when it was sold. Nothing has been upgraded, it is all original except for an external starter solenoid and the front fenders which were probably repainted 40 years ago (they filled the holes were the original mirrors were mounted). An interesting aged sticker is on the rear window from the Dover Ferry.

The starter and generator were rebuilt. The heater core repaired, all hoses replaced, rear axle bearings replaced, the center support bearing replaced, oil changed, chassis greased, radiator flushed extensively, tune up, valve adjust, new wiper arms and blades. The exhaust system was replaced with a stock unit. The front seats were restuffed and the covers repaired (impossible to find the exact material) and the wooden slats on the luggage rack replaced as two had split. Tires were replaced from Coker with the correct size but only come in a Bias Ply construction. The rear springs were cleaned and new gaskets installed on the rear hangers. New shocks were installed on all four corners.

The exterior paint is original except for the front fenders from inspection. There is no rust anywhere on the car. There are dents and marks of travel but they are mostly the character and life the car has led. The interior is the same, aged but as it came from Volvo in the day. This may be an incorrect assumption, but it has roll up rear windows which did not appear on other years.

The word of the day for some survivor cars is Patina. And that is the best way to descript this car. Some would want to strip it to bare metal and paint it. I personally think it would devalue the character of the car. That can be the decision of the next owner but not one I would make. It is not only a great driver, it gets more than it’s share of attention (you better like talking to strangers, because you will). There are still two items to follow up with. The head light switch rheostat which operates the dash lights is a hit and miss occasion. Also the carburetor throttle shafts have wear and need to having new bushings installed, allowing false air in and causing hard cold starting. And like all stock, older B16 engines, the felt two-piece rear main seal leaves a mark when it is parked.

105,626 miles are showing and from the service receipts, it is a safe bet to accept them as actual. The selling price is $23,995. The VIN is 42388. Please come by and see at Automania LLC, 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 Oregon Dealer DA1287.

Automania LLC is a Consignment Oregon Dealer selling quality, privately owned motorcycles and cars of interest.
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Driving the Duett around Grants Pass