1970 Datsun 240Z For Sale

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1970 Datsun 240Z for sale

1970 Datsun 240Z
Early Production 240Z

VIN #: HLS30-04504
Stock #: 1193
One of the better parts of our business is the stories that accompany some of the cars and bikes that are brought in. It is not just the car or bike, it is how it got to where it was and what happened along the way. Those are the stories that take this from passing vehicles to seeing other folk’s path through life.

And we come to this Datsun 240Z. It is #4504 of the 17,005 built in 1970, a Series 1 and manufactured in 05/1970. First thing to know is that I have known of the owner for over 38 years in Grants Pass with had no idea he owned the car or how attached at the hip he was to his “Traveling Companion” of over 40 years. I knew him as an elected community activist who served in the Oregon House of Representatives, someone not in my particular circle of acquaintances, my being a bit of motor head and somewhat lacking social graces. Three decades later we find that we had similar passions for a particular car in our lives. People are just not that different after all.

The 240 was purchased used in 1972 from Sigel-Tonkin Chevrolet in Grants Pass (now Sigel Chevrolet) by it’s current owner 47 years ago. It was manufactured 5/70 in Sunshine Yellow and had few miles on it put on by a local policeman who had traded it in. It became the commute vehicle between a ranch in Wimer and a home in San Mateo, California for many years. The long distance was made enjoyable by the great driving experience the car gave, if you are going to travel 425 miles each way several times a year, you better be able to enjoy it. Part of the satisfaction of ownership was staying on top of regular maintenance, keeping the car sharp and reliable for those long hauls north. Departing the Bay Area for Southern Oregon, the car was brought along and when his second office was opened in Brookings, the commute to the coast from Grants Pass on Hwy 199 was everything the car was designed for.

It was on one of those drives, about 1984 during an unusual snow storm that there was a shunt at about 20mph where the car ended up damaged, impacting the right side, the right front corner and the roof. There was arm wrestling with the insurance company, USSA, but the repairs were finally agreement upon. During these repairs, unbeknownst to the owner, the right front frame rail was welded with replacement parts, but parts prior to 1984 obviously. After all it was just a used car needing repair. A separate deal was made by the owner, at the same time, with the body shop to do a color change and stock yellow became red. No one could have guessed that someday the car would have value as a collectable entity. It was fixed to be roadworthy by the insurance company thirty-five years ago.

Fast forward the next 35 years and the car came to be driven very little. It was always kept under cover, but in the barn out of the elements. It was fired up every month and driven a bit, but the days of commuting were done and ownership became sentimental, as a friend from the past. The effects of time took a toll and starting two years ago, a refreshing was undertaken. The clutch was replaced, the brakes gone through, the carburetors tuned, the two front seats recovered and finally, the car painted once again in it’s present color. At age 84, a choice was made after all of that to sell the car and here we are.

I drove the car and was taken back to the last time I drove one of these. It was great, no hesitation with strong power, everything I remembered from 40 years ago. The transmission was a problem for me, the gear shift did not select second exactly or fourth. It took about three miles before realizing the linkage or gate were worn, but being deliberate, both gears were easy to find, second syncros still feeling weak. There was noise from the back, but it sounded like crushed mounting bushings, not mechanical noises. The exhaust manifold has a leak you can hear when the hood is up, but you do not hear while driving.

The car was put on the hoist and you can see what we did. Every rubber biscuit or bushing is dried out or worn from front to rear. The engine appears to have never had the oil pan off and the owner does not remember replacing the timing chain. The serial number and engine number all match the VIN plate in the engine compartment. The bottom of the car has some impact marks under the seat area and there is a lot of surface corrosion. There are signs of the repairs on the frame rail which are shown in the images. We have tried to show it as best we could with our images. If you any questions or want more detail, please let us know.

What we would say is that the car has great bones, but is in need of a restoration or extensive refurbishing. All of the shut lines and gaps are equal and even except for the driver’s door which is tight on the front lower corner.. It can be driven as it is, but it really deserves the time, attention and expertise to a significant representation of an early production model of the 240Z line.

The selling price is $8,495. The VIN # is HLS30-04504. Miles showing are 50,265, but assume they are over. Please come by and see at Automania LLC, 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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