1933 Ford 33 Ford Speedstar Coupe For Sale

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1933 Ford 33 Ford Speedstar Coupe for sale

1933 Ford 33 Ford Speedstar Coupe

Mileage: 11,005 U.S. miles
VIN #: OR80760
This is one of those cars that you see go by and end up getting whip lash as you twist your neck to keep it in sight. It is just so custom and so perfect in a Hot Rod style, it is everything you could ever think about if you were designing the ultimate Ride.

It is called a 33 Ford Speedstar, created and sold by Rat’s Glass and Bobby Alloway. George Long (or Rat) worked on and created the composite bodies while Bobby developed the chassis that were underneath Rat’s custom bodies. The combined efforts of these two legendary Hot Rodders created the Speedstar. The cars were sold only as a package, you could not have one without the other and this is the story we will get too shortly. Currently Speedstar’s are not available, Factory Five Performance purchased the company in 2018 and has not set a delivery time for more product at this time.

The buyer and builder of the car was Ron Atteberry who started the build over fourteen years ago with car #3. Ron loved the design of the car, but had a vision of a much more sophisticated suspension system than Alloway’s coil over shock system. Alloway was very proprietary with his frames and it took a huge amount of negotiating for Ron to get two frame rails from Bobby to facilitate the custom build Ron was designing. Ron wanted a Speedstar, but he had a vision for the most unique, custom build ever done on his car. There were sparks for sure, but Alloway finally allowed it to happen and the rest follows.

Ron loved Sprint Car Chassis design, using torsion bars allowing simple height and preload adjustment using an Allen Wrench from below. It also made for an incredibly clean look, no Shocks hanging in the wind, just the control arms entering into the body. Everything was custom designed and created from Billet Aluminum as can be seen looking at the suspension parts. The rear suspension is absolutely beautiful. Three Torsion Bars are used in the rear to support the car, two in front, everything is hand built. The Rear Differential is from a 1988 Corvette with shortened axles, custom hangers, control arms and cover. The front suspension followed in pattern, the elimination of the coil over’s and torsion bars hidden behind the body work attached the control arms, all designed and hand made. Steering is handled by a NASSCAR Rack and Pinion assembly. Rear wheels are Halibrand Gasser and the fronts Gasser 10 Spoke. Absolutely amazing.

The engine is again Corvette, a 1994 LT1 that was completely disassembled, inspected and renewed with bearings, a Crane Cam with new springs and Police item iron heads (which handle heat much better than aluminum). The transmission was a 4160, again disassembled, inspected and refurbished before installed.

The body was another story. Apparently when the body was delivered, the doors, roof and front hood were less than desirable from the factory. A great deal of time was spent bringing them to Ron’s standard along with having the front engine hood hand fabricated in aluminum by Jack Hagerman. Jack also built the rear roll pan, again out of aluminum. The body, chassis and other parts were finished in a custom House of Color Green which has help up well for the 11,000 miles the car was driven after completion. The interior was finished in Mauve Leather and other than having an incredibly short windshield is beautifully laid out and executed.

The build took four years to complete and the car was than driven by Ron for the next ten years, accumulating almost 11,000 miles driving to shows up and down the west coast. About a year ago, a choice had to be made to sell the car and a local buyer visiting the Grants Pass Car Show made an offer that could not be turned down. The deal was done and shortly after, the new owner hit a car in the back, damaging the nose of the Speedstar. Repairs were made by one of the original designers and the car returned. Within ten miles of taking delivery of the car after the repairs, another car was struck from behind, taking out the grill and surround. The repairs were completed by a local craftsman, a new Grill custom built in Tennessee and the car returned once again to it’s previous glory. Feeling beyond anxious, the car was brought directly to the shop for sold. The repairs are flawless and no evidence of the hic-up’s exists.

The VIN is OR80760. For other interesting bikes and collectible vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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