1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 For Sale

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1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 for sale

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $349,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

Mileage: 66,035 U.S. miles
VIN #: 15645
Stock #: 1009
What is the best sounding, best handling car of the 60's and 70's? A front engine V-12 Ferrari. What is one of the best sounding V-12 engines ever installed in a Grand Touring Ferrari, the 4.4L Colombo running US spec Anza exhaust. What is patiently waiting to be driven again? Our 365GTC/4 sitting in the shop at Automania.

This 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is a local car owned by a retired Ferrari dealer from the Southern California area. It represents some of the best of the late 60’s and early 70’s Ferrari Touring Coupe designs, sharing much of it’s mechanical drive train with the 365 GTB/4 Daytona. In its two year model run from 1971-1972, 505 cars were built, 188 imported into the US as documented by Marcel Massino. Included with this sale is the original Ferrari Warranty Card showing the 365 being sold on 12/10/1974 in Reno, Nevada to Rex A Bartlett and his subsequent first services.

Apart from a price tag of $3000 more than the Daytona when new along with two seats in the rear for very small people or children, both cars shared many chassis parts. There were minor mechanical differences that separated the Daytona from the GTC, which had standard equipment including air conditioning, electric windows and power steering. The GTC provided a civilized Grand Touring car with capacity for luggage and gear. One of the most intriguing differences I have seen between the two cars is the intake systems. The Daytona Colombo 4.4L V-12 was equipped with six downdraft Weber 40mm DCN Carburetors while the GTC was feed through six sidedraft Weber 38mm DCOE Carbs. While there is no holding back the sight of either engine, the intake manifolds of the GTC were cast as part of the Valve Covers and are incredible to gaze upon. No one can ignore the beauty of the engine compartment, it is the definition of the absolute automotive art form. Little has exceeded it and certainly nothing in modern times, with engines covered in plastic shields and molded in coverings.

The interior of the car was upholstered in leather which is original to this car with proper and very nice patina showing on the seats and the balance of the interior. One amazing feature is the condition of the “Mouse Hair” covering on the dash and dashboard. It is all original and in excellent condition, possibly one of few original Ferrari “Mouse Hair” covering known to mankind!

After examining the car on the hoist, we made a conscious decision not to clean or detail the underside. As can be seen from the images taken from underneath the car, there are minimal signs of oil or fluids. There is normal road dirt and some chassis stains showing, but it is remarkable how clean we found the car and further proof of its mechanical integrity. Careful examination of the underside showed absolutely no corrosion or repair damage, the car presenting its self as a sound, original and never apart vehicle.

The engine compartment presents itself as mechanical eye candy, the sort of which only a Ferrari could replicate. The engine has never been out or apart and is in original condition with normal servicing. The fittings and hardware are as original.

The Borrani Wheels were rebuilt and installed along with the socket and breaker bar for their removal which are included with the car. All of the original tools and owner’s manuals come also. The car was repainted many years ago and it was to a high quality finish. There are no signs of external impact or corrosion showing.

Two years ago an appraisal by Howard Hyman was completed and paid for by the owner. Hyman gave a condition report of the exterior as all excellent, of the interior as all excellent, of the engine compartment as all excellent, of the underside as all excellent, with an over all evaluation of that this car represented an excellent example of this classic European automobile. The reported fair market value of at the time of the report, on 01/21/2015, was $335,000.

One of the pleasures of driving the car (and there are many) is getting into and out of the car aided by the very wide doors and a higher roof line. Being 6’3” has excluded me from enjoying many European Sports Cars and it was a joyous occasion that I was able to sit in the GTC comfortably without the need of being a contortionist. Once the engine was running and given a few minutes to warm up, driving the car was a sensation that has to be shared to be understood. The transmission is mechanically the best I have ever had the occasion to drive, it was fantastic. The sound of the engine going under the I-5 underpass near work made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as it pulled smoothly and without hiccup. It was a dream come true experiencing the car and a clear expression of why the fanaticism of V-12 Ferrari owners exists. What involvement, what emersion in all things mechanically fine. What a rare moment in my own driving history, the final completion and answer of why people are drawn to the cars and the reason the prices will continue to climb. There will never be cars like this built ever again, it is politically impossible. Only driving cars of the past will allow you to share the experience and only an early V-12 Ferrari will do. These cars will never go out of fashion, never stop being appreciated and never loose their value.

The selling price for this wonderful car is $349,995. The VIN # is 15645. Miles are 66,035. For other interesting bikes and collectable vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com , 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287

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