1957 Chevrolet Corvette Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 For Sale

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1957 Chevrolet Corvette for sale

1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Price: $82,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

VIN #: E57S102920
The owner of this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, with the 283 cubic inch, 283 HP engine, Rochester Fuel Injection and 3-Speed Manual Transmission, has owned the car since 1994. He purchased it while still living in Southern California after it had been previously restored. The work had been done for and by that owner starting in 1984 and along with the car, the owner provided a photo album of the car being disassembled, restored and reassembled. Many of the date codes that are normally covered by other assemblies were photographed and added to the albums which add to the proof of the originality of the vehicle. These photo albums come with the car. The car was also originally sold with the Radio Delete Option.

The work done was frame off and complete. The photo albums show that there had been some cosmetic damage to the right front fender of the car, but upon our inspection, we did not see signs of the repairs. The entire original drive train was rebuilt before assembly and the car painted. The interior was redone and a set of American Racing Mags installed but the stock wheels and hub caps were kept and are included with the car. The car has the factory hardtop, along with the soft top, which was reconditioned and comes with the car. An inspection of the photo albums show how complete the work was and the level of preparation that was preformed. The car was represented at the time of this earlier sale as being matching numbers and after our examination, can be confirmed as can be seen in the prints in the photo album and the images we have taken for this sale.

After examining the car front to rear and top to bottom, we have photographically documented the date codes and serial numbers that verify the correct matching numbers of the complete car. The engine serial numbers cast on the heads and seen in the images are correct for the production date of the car. The original VIN plate that was on the driver’s door jam was replicated and replaced as can be seen in the images. The original VIN plate is also shown before the restoration in the photo albums and comes with the car. The numbers taken from the car and shown in the images are listed here:

Chassis VIN# E57S102920
Engine Serial # on block # F305EL
Cylinder heads # 3731539
Transmission # 3845122
Transmission side cover # 3731911
Transmission tail shaft# 3737450
Rear Axle # 3735899
Rear axle code # AH3 05
Fuel Injection Serial# 1582
Fuel Injection unit # 7014360 & 7014361 & 7014362
Delco-Remy Generator# 1110905 7128
Wiper Motor# 5047991

There are also images supplied by the previous owner, in the photo albums, during the prior restoration showing date codes of different body panels that were correct for the production period matching the chassis VIN#.

We spoke to a noted Corvette historian about the car and he shared this with us:

Chassis VIN# E57S102920 built 3-21-57
Engine Serial # on block # F305EL [Tuesday3-5-57—EL=283hp Corvette]
Block casting 3731548 date cast B197= Tuesday Feb 19, 1957
Cylinder heads # 3731539 date, unk
Generator 1102043 7B28= 1957, Thurs. Feb 28
Exhaust: GM Off Road NOS ASSEMBLY #217441
Transmission # 3845122 B117 Monday Feb 11, 1957
Transmission side cover # 3731911
Transmission tail shaft# 3737450
Radiator Harrison 57B February 1957.
Rear Axle # 3725899 B287 Thurs. Feb 28, 1957
Rear axle code AH 3:70 Ratio, open 3 05- Tuesday March 5,57

Fuel Injection Serial# 1582 the 582nd unit made. This unit was made in MARCH 1957 and is correct for vin #’s 2576- thru #3135. I believe it was on this car when new. Records I have however say serial 1582 was on vin #2913, seven vin numbers away from your car. That report is from 1975. The source has passed away.

Fuel Injection unit # 7014360 unit & 7014361 Air Meter & 7014362 fuel meter. is correct and 100% original parts, not made up from other units.

Distributor# 1110905 7A28 = 1957, Monday Jan 28
Wiper Motor# 5047991

Cosmetically the car is in excellent condition for having been refurbished 30 years ago. The paint has some very minor flaws that are a result of time and the 6500 miles showing on the trip odometer which was reportedly reset when the work was completed. The total miles, as shown on the odometer, are 22,769 miles. Each of the front fenders has a couple of stars in the paint from the underneath side caused by rocks coming off of the tires as it was driven. The front driver’s door fit is very slightly low and possibly may be adjusted. The paint is very good, but shows some buffing marks on the hood and trunk. There are some very minor scratches on the front and rear under panels beneath the bumpers, but no signs of impact or curbing. Overall, the car has been driven, is wearing 30 year old work and looks outstanding today.

Mechanically, the car is excellent. The car starts instantly, warms to a normal idle and does not exhibit any signs of oil use in the exhaust system or smoke when fully warmed. Drivability is excellent with all controls to factory standards or better. The use of modern radials on the aftermarket wheels is a large improvement over the stock wheels and bias ply tires also supplied with the car. Brakes, steering and clutch are excellent and as new or better. Acceleration is very good with no hesitations or flat spots in delivery. All gauges and lights work as expected. Included with the car are the stock wheels and stock hub caps with Bias Ply tires mounted.

The selling price is $82,995. See at Automania, 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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