1947 Ford Coupe For Sale

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1947 Ford Coupe for sale

1947 Ford Coupe
Price: $39,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

Mileage: 20,984 U.S. miles
VIN #: 799A1933829
It is no surprise that we are John Heuring admirers, having known John for over a decade, selling two of his cars in years past. At the spritely age of 88, John brings a rare commodity to the table around his cars, as his wife so clearly describes. These were her words:

“John takes what he has and works with it. John makes do and invents things that work when he is creating. John does not buy his way to quality, he builds it in”.

In all of John’s cars we have found this same theme. He loves the inventing part of solving challenges, leading to the goal of creating his vision in the form of the car he has undertaken. John jokingly told me it was because he is frugal but everyone knows better. He just loves the challenge and the sense of completion.

So on to the fabulous 1947 Ford Coupe. John wanted the Coupe instead of the Business Coupe because the doors are so much longer and it still has a large trunk. I sat down with John and did an interview that is on the site which really does a great job of describing the car and the approach to creating it. Please take a minute to watch and listen to John talking about the details of the build. I am going to make a brief run down, it is a shadow compared to listening to him talk about the Ford for sure.

The car was a straight, no rust, no signs of impact local car that John bought over ten years ago. One of the serious modifications was the redesign of the hood and it’s opening operating system. Hinges were created and a electric ram installed to open and close the fixture from the front instead of from the rear. The front wheel openings were reconfigured to follow the shape of the roundness of the tire on both sides, front and rear. Door handles were replaced and the Chrome Belt Line modified to address the absence of the stock handles. Paint was done by Dennis Epple who did an amazing job and the colors are perfect for the shape and size of the Ford.

The first thing you are going to see when you open the door is the amazing, redesigned dash. After reforming the structure, John created out of wood, the gauge cluster and center console. The center arm rest was molded out of a tee-shirt John formed by hand with resin. It goes on and on…The interior upholstery was done by Jerry’s Upholstery in Medford and is truly an example of craftsmanship we have not seen often. The doors and side panels are sculpted with flowing patterns. The front seats were originally from a Honda Accord and recovered beautifully, along with the matching back seat, making for one of the most comfortable customs I have driven. John even built hidden drawers under the front the seats for keeping things that would have normally gone in the glove box.

In fact, John and his wife have put over 20,000 miles on it since completing the build, from Canada to LA, to Salt Lake City and Pleasanton and many other trips in-between. It has always been their go to car, the one they could always jump in and be gone car.The drive-train is actually pretty straight forward. There is a Tune Port 350 Chevrolet motor John traded for along with the 700R Automatic. There is Ford 9” in the back and with the Over-Drive Transmission, it provides a great Freeway Cruiser for the Rod Runs it was intended.

Again, please take a look at John talking about the car on the site. Get a cup of coffee or beer and put your feet up. It is worth your time.

Our selling price is $39,995. Miles on the car are 20,984. The VIN number is 799A1933829. For other interesting bikes and collectable vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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