1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe For Sale

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1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe for sale

1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe
Price: $14,495 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

VIN #: ORA4444039
Stock #: 1294
How many times have you been excited after driving a car? They all do the same thing, start, stop, climate controlled, push the right pedal, it goes, push the other pedal it stops. Great radio, power windows, I think we are s bit jaded with how well we have come to expect things to work.

Then there is this 1930 Model A. It should have personalized plates that say “SMILE”. That’s what it does every time you look at it, every time you start it, every time you drive down the driveway. Oh, and everyone else is smiling, or waving, even following you to find out what year it is (while I was taking images, for the first time, two separate cars stopped to say what a great looking car it was).

This is the sixth stock Model A we have had. None of them have created the same feeling or reaction. This particular car drove so well, even with the mechanical brakes instead of the common conversion to hydraulic. I cannot tell you exactly why driving the car was so great. But it is true, this Model A is fun. Been awhile since I drove a car that made everyone else smile including me.

As soon as I got the car to the shop, a long time customer came and recognized the car as the one their grandfather restored many years ago while living in Medford. The story goes that after the car was finished, they gave a ride in the rumble seat to the grandmother, who, of all things, could not stop smiling. Small world, but the same reaction almost a decade latter.

Starting is instant, retard the ignition, give it a little hand throttle, make sure you are in neutral, push the started button over the gas pedal with your right foot and off it lites. If this was a modern car and I hit the brakes, I would park immediately, but they are mechanical and work, you just need to respect what you are driving and act accordingly.

A couple of modifications have been made. It equipped with a 12 volt system, including Alternator, and of all things, a Radio in the roof consol. The one item I really appreciated seeing was the electric solenoid cut off switch on the gravity feed fuel tank. As the gas tank is above the engine, in front of the windshield and the carburetor is down near the crankcase, normally when you park you have to turn a valve to stop the carb from overflowing and causing a fuel mess under the car. Not here.

Cosmetically, the car is wonderful with just the right amount of patina to make it still attractive, but not too pretty to be driven and used. Just what the doctor ordered!

The selling price is $14,695. The VIN# is ORA4444039 and miles showing are 816. For other interesting bikes and collectible vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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