1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Flower Delivery For Sale

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1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Flower Delivery for sale

1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Flower Delivery
Price: $39,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

Mileage: 827 U.S. miles
VIN #: OR92703
Stock #: 1343
It is no surprise that we are John Heuring admirers, having known John for over a decade, selling two of his cars in years past. At the spritely age of 89, John brings a rare commodity to the table around his cars, as his wife so clearly describes. These were her words:

“John takes what he has and works with it. John makes do and invents things that work when he is creating. John does not buy his way to quality, he builds it in”.

In all of John’s cars we have found this same theme. He loves the inventing part of solving challenges, leading to the goal of creating his vision in the form of the car he has undertaken. John jokingly told me it was because he is frugal but everyone knows better. He just loves the challenge and the sense of completion.

This particular car was an unusual acquisition for John, he bought someone else’s project which included mostly new parts and running gear. The TCI Frame was new, the 350 Chevrolet Motor was a new crate motor, the transmission, a 350 Turbo was a new crate transmission and the rear axle was a Currie 9” Ford. The body was an original Two Door Ford Sedan that John decided to convert into a Flower Delivery. It seemed simple, but listening to John explain the build uncovered how incredibly intricate and complicated the task became.

I conducted an interview with John and posted it on the site and he does a great job with the details of how things unfolded. It is really hard to beat John talking about the car, but I will point out the most important aspects, at least to me.

The construction of the rear door is worth spending time viewing and examining. Model A sedans never had this door and the attention to sealing against exhaust fumes that John gave it, is a statement to his common sense build perspective. It makes the back of the car accessible without having to crawl over the front seats, a seemingly unimportant thing until you think about where you are going to put your luggage or load. Sealing it against exhaust intrusion is simply John. He figured out the problem before it occurred and needed fixing.

The roof is another of John’s endeavors. Model A sedans have a fabric roof, supported by chicken wire. In John’s vision, the top had to be a seamless unit, but he wanted it to have form. He lowered the front edge by two inches and then cut a sliver out of the side profile, tapering it towards the windshield. With all of that done, he created a Murray style slope to the windshield frame, leaning it back two inches at the top. That required changing the profile of the front door window opening which was rectangular in stock condition. It goes on and on and on. Check out the video of John talking about the build. It is so much better than what can I write.

Our selling price is $39,995. Miles on the car are 827. The VIN number is OR92703 as it was inspected by the Oregon State Patrol and assigned a number. Because the frame was updated, the title was marked reconstructed by the state of Oregon. For other interesting bikes and collectable vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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John Talking about his love of building cars

John talking about the build

The finish of the conversation with John Heuring