1922 Ford Model T Runabout For Sale

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1922 Ford Model T Runabout for sale

1922 Ford Model T Runabout

VIN #: CA393011
Stock #: 1232
Since we began handling collectible cars and trucks, I have been patiently waiting for a Ford Model T to come through the doors. Stories abound of the “magical” knowledge needed to operate the brakes, throttle, clutch and gears and being one of those people who needs to see an explanation rather than read it, having this 1922 Ford Model T Runabout has been a great personal moment.

The car is the second of two antique Fords we have been asked to sell, the first is the 1928 Model A. Both were bare frame projects finally taken on as part of a bucket list put aside until retirement and were always meant to be driven and enjoyed.

Our Model T was bought in very rough condition, from the images that is no surprise to hear but it was bought in driving order. Everything needed attention, adding to the joy of the two year restoration. Anyone who says these sort of projects are financially sound obviously has not undertaken one. They are done for the sake of accomplishment and sense of completion. More than likely, the parts and materials alone are more than the asking price of the car. Labor is donated, a given. While working on the complete rebuild of the motor, the block was bored .040 over, high compression aluminum pistons were installed along with a “performance” cam. Stainless Steel Valves and Hardened Valve Seats were used to enhance the longevity of the Head. All four Wooden Wheels were rebuilt with the rear Hubs being replaced along with the drive Axles. Two new front Tires were just installed prior to coming to the shop. The body needed extensive work, everything, including the paint and interior were done by Bob and his wife.

OK, the best part, driving the Model T. I had Bob let me video an explanation and it is down under the images on our website. Looked simple, but that was deceiving. Bob parked the car facing the street in case I “misunderstood” his simple and clear explanations. Good thing. Having 1st Gear and Neutral controlled by the left foot was testing. My first panic stop, I depressed the “Clutch” which made the car go forward, not stop. It took a huge mental effort to release the pedal half way to find neutral, about 10 feet worth of too much.

The car is a joy to operate. All I could think about was there were people who drove these around the world in the 20’s. Our expectations have certainly changed in one-hundred years.

Our selling price is $9,495. The VIN # CA393011. Please come by and see at Automania LLC, 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. http://www.automaniagp.com 541 479 8888 Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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