1969 Volkswagen Type 1 Convertible For Sale

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1969 Volkswagen Type 1 Convertible for sale

1969 Volkswagen Type 1 Convertible
Price: $2600.00 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

VIN #: 132461237350
Stock #: 1224
First thing I saw here was that the bones were really good. No signs of impact, the sills were not rotted, the battery tray was good and all the major parts were there. Next I saw the amount of work that was going to go into getting the car back to presentable condition. Oh boy!

So I loaded the car on the trailer from the owner's home and on the way back to the shop, someone asked if it were for sale. SOLD! Never unloaded it. It went to the perfect person, someone who has restored several pre-67 Type 2's, someone with a lot of patience.
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