1970 Jaguar XKE Series 2 For Sale

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1970 Jaguar XKE Series 2 for sale

1970 Jaguar XKE Series 2
Price: $43,995 USD - PREVIOUSLY SOLD

VIN #: 1R12172
Stock #: 1347
In 1989 I was looking at a restored 1968 XKE the owner was offering at $7,600. I drove the car and found my direct line of vision was broken by the top of the windshield frame which cooled my jets. One of those “what ifs” moments.

Slow forward and here in 2021, the windshield frame has not become any lower (though I am shorter) the lust I felt for the car back in the day has not tarnished. What has remained also is the acceptance that ownership of an early XKE included a few compromises that endure them to their owners and leave the rest of the world scratching our foreheads.

Long time residents, owners of the best Pizza Deli’s in the Valley, have enjoyed the car hobby for decades here in Southern Oregon. The XKE was purchased in the 80’s from a repair shop in Ashland, Oregon for an outstanding repair bill, long before Jaguars were thought of as collectable with value. According to the story, it was a random conversation on an airplane flight that led to finding the Jag. Soon after, it was brought home in boxes as a long term project.

Over the years, Jerry worked on the car with help from local shops and suppliers. Paint was applied most likely in the late 80’s and the car was enjoyed all of these years, mostly locally with a couple of longer trips at the beginning of its stewardship. There are no records of any work done at the time and the one that would know most, Jerry, passed about five years ago.

The car had not been driven much the past fifteen years, mostly brought out for parades and the such. The normal course of events was the car starting the event under its own power but brought back on a trailer by the end of the day for one electrical gremlin or another. Finally it was parked and started on occasion, the last time about 2010.

This summer’s fires caused an evacuation in the Valley and the car was brought into town as a safety precaution. Once it was out of the garage, a decision was made to make it drivable and cleaned. A long time Jaguar owner was contacted and the car delivered to be sorted out. Mechanically the master brake cylinder and boaster were replaced, the clutch slave cylinder replaced and the electrical system inspected and sorted out as needed. The fuel was replaced, the crankcase oil and filter changed and the hydraulic system flushed. It started almost instantly with no surprises. Every single electrical item was inspected, all of the switches now work, the lights, everything was cleaned and made safe. When it was ready, the car was then detailed and cleaned, the paint buffed and surprisingly made beautiful again. A lot of time and money were spent getting to this point, well worth the effort.

I took the car for a drive while shooting the images and was pleasantly surprised at how well it drove. The transmission was smooth, the engine pulled cleanly, all of the lights and blinkers worked. I could not believe I was driving a fifty year old Jag! After taking the images, while driving back to the shop, the tach stopped working. This must be the joy of owning an XKE, there is always something that will need attention.

But the body is remarkable. It is straight and I found no signs of impact damage or serious rust. There is some bubbling along the driver’s side front door edge and rear fender lip at the bottom. There is also a minor crease in the rocker panel under the driver’s door. The paint has chips and a couple of marks in it, but it is amazing for its condition. The paint around the louvers on the hood is lifting, I included a couple of images at the bottom of the page. It is not rust, it appears the paint is coming loose. If you have questions, please call and I will get them headed your way.

If I were to be asked what the car is, I would answer that it is a great driver. It is no show car, it is not a trailer queen. It is a car that can be used and enjoyed as it should be, not tucked away under a cover and driven once in blue moon. It will need attention, every one of them will if it rolls. But isn’t that why people love older English cars and bikes? The thrill of the chase..

Our selling price is $43,995 and the VIN# is 1R12172. For other interesting bikes and collectible vehicles, visit our web site http://www.automaniagp.com 541-479- 8888 or come by and see us at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. Oregon Dealer DA1287.

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The owner and her XKE